Step 1: Research Schools and Understand their Admission Requirements

Each education institution has different requirements. This is at times difficult for students to navigate. We at Dreamhill are here to help.

– complete our application form

– indicate your requirements including the course, your budget etc.

– Leave the rest for us to guide you.

It is that simple.

What you need to provide is:

1. An updated passport

2. Proof of proficiency in language that you will study in (English or French). Passing of the band/ grade is required depending on the individual institution requirements

3. Proof of that you can finance your study and cost of living in the country.

4. Any other requirement that your specific course may require (e.g graduation from high school etc).

5. Application fee for the courses of your choice

Step 2: Application to Education Institution

Dreamhill will submit the application on your behalf to the Education Institutions.

Due to our arrangement with the Education Institutions and our careful completion of our applications, we are able to have your application completed faster and therefore get your letter of acceptance. To increase your chances of acceptance, it is our policy that we will apply for 3 institutions that offer your preferred courses.

Step 3: Application of Study Permit

With the Letter of Acceptance, you are now ready to apply for Study Permit. The Study Permit can be applied online or by visiting your local visa application centre. The application must be accompanied by the acceptance letter received in the previous step, your passport, and documentary proof that you have adequate finances to study in Canada.

If you have applied to an institution in the province of Quebec, then you will also receive, along with the acceptance letter, a “Certificat d’acceptation du Québec” (CAQ). Ensure that this document is included in your study permit application. If you need assistance with the application, you may use the services of Licenced Immigration Consultants.

Step 4: Travel Time

Once the application has been processed, an immigration officer will decide upon your study permit application. Sometimes they may require you to appear for an interview. If application is approved, it is now time to start planning your travel to Canada.

Your permit will have a start date, which is the date from which the permit comes into force. Please note that you won’t be permitted to enter Canada before this date. Therefore you need to plan your travel accordingly.

Step 5: Study Time

An immigration officer will verify your study permit and other travel documents at the port of entry before allowing you to enter Canada. After the immigration formalities are completed, you are now ready to commence your journey as an international student in Canada.



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